Trumpeter Swan with Friends



Angel #3


Juvenile Fawn

Coyote #1



Juvenile Cougar

Baby Glaucous Winged Gull

Cottontail Going to Heaven

Nanjiska #1

Juvenile Aucklet

Eeya #2

Barred Owl #2

Bobcat Surgery


Cottontail Rabbits with Red Nails

Golden Eagle in the Medroom

Deer Feeding

Fawn Dreams

Eeya #1


Nanjiska's first day

Nanjiska will fly

Baby Barn Owl in Sun

Fawn with Bottle  

Starling with Wing Damage

Fawn Rescue

Fawn with Greens

Deer and Grapes


Mountain Cougar at the Dentist

Noel With An Osprey

Woodpecker #1