January 24, 2012

New Mexico

I did this shoot for Outside last year, a real dream job and dreamy spot near Santa Fe, NM…….thinking of mystical places and how certain ones have made me feel in the past. Here, the light was so perfect and the heat was almost unbearable, I was 6 months pregnant and so very tired in that weather coming from misty Seattle. After we heard the stories of the Natives and how they had lived in that house and buried their young inside the walls and then Davey and I getting caught in the lightning storm heading back to our hotel in the dark, driving through the mountains, I just have to think of how hard life was before now and how humans used their keen senses to live much more than they do now and how interesting it all is. I’m reading The Golden Spruce, and all the talk of how life is without humans in it, and what happens in the forest with all the animals and flora and fauna, and oh it is so incredible and unbelievable and beautiful. After no sleep in two days, my mind really starts to go, it’s actually kind of great. There is just so much happening while we go grocery shopping, like birds who swim 100 miles an hour under the ocean then land in the trees to nest, that kind of stuff.

More images from life lately………

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