June 9, 2016

King 5 News video on my work at Wolf Haven

This video piece on my Wolf Haven work has been re-broadcasted over and over since the original show in 2014, wolves are incredible!

Screen Shot King 5 News

June 8, 2016

Summer Love

These three have never been happier together.

Maggie Chicken Jude

My New Book-Wolf Haven-Sanctuary and the future of wolves in North America.

The pages are beautiful, the design is equally gorgeous (thank you Sasquatch Books!) the text will motivate you to care more for wolves (thank you Brenda Peterson!) and you can purchase it now at Amazon.com.

Mexican wolf pups born at Wolf Haven spring 2015.

Mexican wolf pups born at Wolf Haven spring 2015.

June 3, 2016

Personal copies of Finding Trust are sold out!

All my copies are gone, but you can still purchase them from booksellers via the internet, i.e. Barnes and Noble etc. Thank you everyone for supporting this project. My new book Wolf Haven is available for pre-order on Amazon.com, check it out!

Musselman_Finding Trust-2