August 27, 2012

Oitzarisme Blog publishes For The Innocent

Recently, Constantin Nimigean from Romania contacted me about showing this series on his blog about photography, check it out!

Click here to view the Oitzarisme Photo Blog

August 23, 2012

Outside Mag Avalanche Story

I’m currently photographing victims’ families and survivors of the Stevens Pass Avalanche last feb that took the lives of 4 Amazing individuals, the stories are incredible and these women i’m meeting are heros, getting through such a terrible time, one I can relate to in so many ways………..this is Tiffany, shot in Leavenworth Wa in Jim Jacks Trailer in her backyard.

August 8, 2012

Broken but beautiful……….

A couple weeks ago, a little boy spilled water all over my Contax……I was dying, because that was the 2nd broken this year, but the film from it is amazing!!!! My little beauty.