November 16, 2011

Andrew Wyeth

Without question my favorite artist hands down. Reminds me of my dad and how much he loved him and appreciated his value for truth and inexplicable beauty. This is one of my favorite Wyeth’s, it reminds me of moonlight and that peace it can bring, specially with a beautiful animal asleep within it. Andrew’s writing is so perfect, really my favorite artist to read, his explanations of his paintings are so natural and mystical, there is so much going on there, yet on first glance it’s just a simple rendition, I guess that is the way with life……….we can think of it as simple and plain and sometimes boring, but to the enlightened mind, it is unbelievably beautiful and mystical, so many secrets to unfold.

November 3, 2011

New Work…………

New projects and great news that I will be working at Wolf Haven to continue my grant from 4Culture last year on For The Innocent. My new personal work consists of creating dioramas of birds and little creatures in my backyard while Maggie Scout sleeps is my new love, it’s an interesting process which i’m only at the beginning of but it’s amazing, it forces me to be calm and meditate on everything that is happening to me lately while I watch and wait for my birds to come in front of my lens, of course the birds look fake because of the backdrop and the lighting but that’s the greatest part, they aren’t! On tuesday, the yard was misty all the way up to the tall pine tree and sun was gleaming through, I heard a deep call and looked up to see two great blue herons soaring above together, ahhhhh so nice to be working again.