August 16, 2011

Summer 2011………

The surprises have definitely wowed me with their numbers this summer. My sweet papa, Harry Robert Musselman, the painter who taught me to see deeply and to question forever all that really IS in life, passed away quietly on July 8. He had lost his eyesight 4 years ago, so spent his last four years fighting to assemble a world that made sense without his brush and paints. I wrote this about him a couple days after he passed on.

“To those of you who know me, knew my dad. Whether you met him once, heard stories of his wild and amazing life or were fortunate enough to have had him put his coat on your back when you were cold or pour you a shot of root beer. He was a rare, true gentleman and was very special to me. Harry passed away quietly last friday morning after struggling 4 years too long without the eyes that enabled him throughout his life to paint the wonderment and gorgeous beauty surrounding him. He was a real artist who never searched for fame or glamour, he was humble and would divert attention away from him to avoid being the center, unless of course you were a lady.
My dad was the greatest man who ever lived and he lived his last 8 months in the presence of his first grandchild, Maggie Scout Uhlir who would become calm in his arms almost instantly. I believe he is with my mom somewhere wonderful, smelling flowers and enjoying the loves of their lives.”

And the summer has just moved on without him, we were very close pals and so life has been a bit difficult without his loving laugh and calm self that instantly made me feel at peace and at home. I am thinking about him every day, how he found the essence of the tiny universe up until the very end and i will hold that close to my heart forever and hopefully share it with my sweet Maggie Scout and she will be able to carry that on.

There is new inspiration coming each day………two days before my dad passed I made some images, his love of flowers and simple nature I believe came to me from him that day, I felt it so clearly.

and other random pictures from the summer………..