February 28, 2011

Critical Mass 2011

I’m showing in the Critical Mass show beginning in Seattle and traveling to Portland and San Fran, check it!

February 18, 2011

Life is Changing……

It seems these days that my life has a new purpose, i’m noticing it more and more this week as Maggie grows, i’ve been really sensitive my whole life, to all the beauty and the art and everything…but never before have I seen beauty like this, she really is something incredible, I never knew it would be like this, raising a little child, so alive and wonderful………and of course i’m sure she will turn into a wild and insane thing like me, but for now she is fragile and gentle and something very perfect that I can’t get tired of staring at and watching.

This week Kestrel, Suzy and Melissa came from the wildlife center, it was Kestrel’s first time holding a human baby, pretty cute! Also, two other highlights……running down to the beach at 6am while Maggie slept with Josh, and seeing a bald eagle fly right over my head, and also yesterday seeing two balds and two juvenile eagles (probably their babies) down at the beach while walking with Maggie, Faith, Isabella and Isaac. So good to know that spring is just around the corner, can’t wait for warmer air, t-shirts and more flowers…………..xxoAnnie

February 9, 2011

Work In Progress/For The Innocent

I plan to start work on this project as soon as little Maggie is ready for her mom to leave her for 10 days, not sure at this point when that will be, i’m really in love and not quite ready to leave her. Plans so far are Palm Springs Photo Festival Review in March, Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!