October 28, 2010

Critical Mass Top 50 Winner!


October 23, 2010

Recently Published….

It’s always nice to get some of your “Passion Work” published, hell yes! And it’s way cooler in Chinese, perfect because I can’t even read the interview and kick myself for revealing too much of my heart and my secrets over and over again, perfect perfect. Also, super nice to get my first image in National Geographic this month and then as always Outside does a nice layout but this time I get an animal assignment, luck luck……bring it!!!!!
Annie Marie

Marie Claire China

Outside Magazine

National Geographic, Visions Of Earth

October 16, 2010

November Nat Geo Yeah!

October 5, 2010

Funny Borneo stuff………..

Just found this receipt from our Palankaraya/Borneo flight from Jakarta, the one that left an hour early…….just because……. and here is our receipt….handwritten, not such bad english actually…..