June 30, 2010

Getty Images Grant For Good

The news is out, I won!!!!


The prettiest little girl and in the sunshine playing with her pistachios, so gently reminds me of the slow, tiny universe that humans so often ignore and forget…….the universe that lives so vibrantly and is the essential ingredient in happiness, animals have it still.

June 25, 2010

Baby Screech Owl

This year, Sarvey has had a pretty large influx of screech owls, as you can see they are so gorgeous………my friend Kestrel, our raptor specialist claims that contrary to popular belief owls aren’t really that smart, but apart from science I beg to differ. After we brought this new friend of mine into his outdoor enclosure yesterday, I spent a long time just sitting, photographing and observing his behavior. He just sat on his perch in the warm sun for a pretty long time staring off into nowhere, maybe feeling a little in shock by the change in temperature, noticing his surroundings and as they say with the elephants, “feeling his must” that can be interpreted as feeling his first tinges of “manhood”, or just getting to know himself as a perfect little owl in the wilderness, I prefer the latter……….just because. As for his release status, I’ll keep you posted……..Kestrel says he’s almost ready! Screech owls are my new favorite animal, I’m not sure why and I can’t explain it……..they are just perfect to me. I’m working with an education screech named appropriately Birch, i’m learning to glove train him now and hopefully he will be suited up and ready to go on our next ed program on July 14th!

June 20, 2010

International Conservation Photography Awards at The Burke Museum

I just visited my 6 photos exhibited at The Burke Museum in Seattle on friday night, I won 2nd place, yahooo! in the Documenting a Conservation Project Category, excellent-ness!!

more info here,



June 17, 2010

Look Between Photo Festival 2010

They live on the farm, they were lovable and cute and darling and were a perfect break from all the heat and incredible inspiration happening at Look 3 this year. I’ve met so many amazing photographers and swam in a refreshing lake with frogs, fireflies, snapping turtles and lots of photographers shooting film, my heaven!

June 7, 2010

Birch and I

June 6, 2010

What Angel said…………

We talked a lot my raven friend and I, and when she passed away she told me something really important, something I will take with me forever….and this trip I’m going on in July, back to Indonesia…….with a baby in my belly has brought a lot of fears……..a lot of what if’s??

I’m trying to focus on what she said to me last summer and just know that it is what I was meant to do and all will work out ok, this grant I was given and everything that is happening now in Borneo, it’s in the stars I think……….

June 1, 2010

Friday Harbor……..

So lush and beautiful here, birds singing, ravens flying overhead, I couldn’t be in more of a heaven…