July 23, 2009

Rascal “Big Boy” Musselman Uhlir 1992-July 22, 2009


Rascal passed away today July 22nd in our sunny backyard under his favorite trees after living nearly 17 lives over and over again. He is survived by his loving mom and dad, annie and josh, his loud brother red bear and chicken, his sister and eater of his precious friskies shreds.
Rascal made friends with everybody everywhere, from the new york city streets to the many neighborhoods of Seattle where he and I lived before we settled into quiet west seattle. There he met many squirrels, crows, Clay and Marcie and all the neighborhood gang, he found new foods, warm arms to cuddle in and new loves, but he always came home to me. I honestly can’t imagine a life without my precious little friend………..Long live in our hearts the big boy plus, the butter-bean, mr. big, rascy, long poops, ear snips, little dummy, our rascal.