June 18, 2009

Remembering Underwear Man/Kota Kinabalu


Hillary, Amy and I were having a particularly dreary day upon arriving in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia. We were hoping for blue skies, ice blue water….possibly no tourists? or possibly not as much plastic and waste everywhere, or maybe not possible these days? we headed for one of the nearby supposedly secluded islands for some snorkeling and fun before our trek into the jungle…what we found was more tourists, trash and cloudy water because of pollution, yes, it was really sad. Tourists were hanging over the bridge feeding the fish pieces of white bread, yuk! there was trash floating in the water…
and that’s where I met Underwear Man, Hillary and Amy decided to take a dip and see if they could actually see any fish in the water, i took off to take pictures and maybe find a beer to cure the depression setting in, all this beautiful nature, it was once a deserted island with animals flourishing, monkeys swinging from the trees, birds circling, now it was full of tourists, bars, and yes underwear man. I was walking along the dirt path that traversed the island past bars and people barbecuing…. and then he appeared, with a large drink in his hand, I swore those were underwear he was wearing, and pulled up so high? it really was a sight to see, such pale legs, tevas, it was excellent……it made our trip through the rain out to the touristy island totally worth it, he made me laugh, I was all giggly, all by myself, I let the sadness about world destruction by plastic and over consumption leave my mind for a bit and I felt better….

June 8, 2009

Going to LA……..


I’m heading to LA to show my book on wednesday…..if anyone can see me there and is interested in my work, give a ring!


ranchgirl3My favorite place on earth, Sweetwater Ranch, acres and acres of sweet sage to roam in…my horse, The General and total peace away from the city. Little Amy was visiting Robert this weekend so I had the chance to take her snapshot……….insanely beautiful eyes, don’t you think??

Just got this link with a story about my show in NYC, Finding Trust that just opened a few weeks ago, made me sound better than i thought i would, gave me some Dr. Doolittle props, I love that! phew!

Click here for the article, “Proud Animal Life at the Alice Austen House


June 1, 2009

Elephant Sanctuary in Bali…


I’m reminiscing to a few weeks back when my assistant Amy and I visited this sanctuary in Bali, partly because I seriously love elephants, wanted to touch one for real and see them as well, being in Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia and only spotting them from afar, and also I just wanted to see what it was all about, was it a sanctuary or not? Sadly, I found out it was not, at least not in my eyes, seeing the workers poke a mother elephant so that she will stop crying when they push her baby towards a visitor to get a touch or a closer look is not a sanctuary, I believe they felt they were doing a good thing, letting people ride on the elephants and get closer which is both education and humanizing leaves the elephants on the short end…….of course being re-leased back into the wild may not be an option, but i was really bummed out by those pokers……….My favorite elephant sanctuary is The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, http://www.elephants.com/They do such amazing work there, be sure to read about Tara and Bella, the elephant dog best friendship there.
I did get to kiss an elephant in Bali and also, one beautiful girl put a flower wreath around my neck, which made my body tingle all over…….i was in heaven and hell…….such is the trap of zoos, etc. we get closer but the animals always suffer.